⛓️Cyber Crime cases where they talk about “confusion matrix”

Cyber Crime detection using  Machine Learning
Cyber Crime detection using Machine Learning
The number of crimes, damages, attacks and methods of attack in the dataset.

But ,

By using a simple table to show analytical results, the confusion matrix essentially boils down your outputs into a more digestible view.confusion matrix is a data visualization resource.

What is confusion matrix ? ?🤔

This is a binary classification. It can work on any prediction task that makes a yes or no, or true or false, distinction.

(A) Model 2 comparison values (results are become more red as they approach the actual values and more purple as they move away); (B) confusion matrix of predicted values.
  • If the model is to predict the positive (left) and the negative (right), then the false positive is predicting left when the actual direction is right.
  • A false negative works the opposite way; the model predicts right, but the actual result is left.

The confusion matrix gives you a lot of information, but sometimes you may prefer a more concise metric.

Precision:Precision measures how good our model is when the prediction is positive. It is the ratio of correct positive predictions to all positive predictions
precision = (TP) / (TP+FP)

Results have revealed that the probability of cyber-attack decreases as the education and income level of victim increases. I believe that cyber-crime units will use these models. It will also facilitate the detection of cyber-attacks and make the fight against these attacks easier and more effective.

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